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The secret of the Fernhurst Centre’s success lies in its band of over 40 dedicated volunteers past and present, including the tutors, managers, counter staff and Trustees who give the Centre its unique friendly and welcoming appeal.  The volunteers are the backbone of the Centre’s service. They come from the local community and each person brings his or her personal approach and enthusiasm to the role they play in the Centre’s activities. We are delighted their contribution has been recognised in this very special way and we cannot wait to celebrate with the volunteer team once we are able to re-open the Centre.

We would like to thank everyone who sent such wonderful messages of congratulations - these are very much appreciated.  We include some below.

Congratulations on this very deserved award. As someone involved at the outset and through its early years I am well aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to manage and develop the services of the Fernhurst Centre.

It started in 2000/2001 from a germ of an idea when the District Council let Fernhurst have use of a run down shop and it has, over the years, been transformed into a vibrant inviting place for all to meet, learn and share.

Pauline (much as she gives) cannot run it by herself and I know the regular volunteers who turn up week on week to do their rota slot,  teach a class, or run a group, however busy or quiet, are also to be applauded for their contribution to this wonderful community resource.

The Trustees too should be thanked for their guidance and oversight and hands-on support to the Centre. Julia Roxan

The Centre really deserves this accolade.  Under the dynamic leadership of Pauline Colcutt, with the support of her husband, Les, the Centre has gone from strength to strength and always embraces new ideas with enthusiasm and a cheerful welcome.  The team of volunteers are a great and valued asset and they enjoy the privilege of offering their time to such a great venture.  All of this is supported in the background by the energetic team of Trustees and Teachers…..all volunteers, too. Carla and Robin Barnes.

Well done to all the volunteers at the Fernhurst Centre. Very well deserved. The centre is a great community asset and a much appreciated part of Fernhurst village. Thank you for all your hard work. Margaret Adey.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! This is grand news Well done. Your centre is brilliant. Beautifully run., Very friendly, Very professional, Lovely coffee, Yummy cakes, comfy chairs and all in all a wonderful place where Peter and I meet for Brainstorming! So excited for you.  Louise and Peter Searight of the Remarkable Studio

I would like to congratulate all those involved with the Fernhurst Centre in receiving the most deserved Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. Especially the volunteers! It was a great privilege and pleasure for me to get to learn about the Fernhurst Centre and how much it does to serve the community of Fernhurst. Keep it up, and hopefully I will be able to attend the presentation of the Award. Neil Hart DL

Congratulations on the award - what a wonderful achievement!   Well deserved by all the volunteers who run this brilliant resource.  Hilary Charlesworth - Totally Textiles

Just wanted to add my congratulations to the many others I‘m sure you are receiving on being awarded the Queens Award.James Cottam

Congratulations, the Fernhurst Centre, on your Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Well done! A special thank-you to Pauline Colcutt and supportive husband Les for all their dedicated work. Very best wishes from a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service to Haslemere Educational  Museum.

The Fernhurst Centre is a haven ….When our grandchildren come to stay they love to visit the centre for a ‘drink & biscuit’ and to buy their parents a going home present! Meanwhile we get a sit-down and a cup of delicious coffee!  Thank you.

Many congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award, which I hope you will be able to display proudly at Fernhurst Centre. Best wishes  Allen Chubb,  Publicity Secretary, Haslemere U3A

What wonderful news! Congratulations to all for their dedication in making the Fernhurst Centre such a success. A well deserved award! Jacqueline Jordan

Well deserved. Congratulations. Don and Mary

Fantastic news! Well done to everyone involved in the Fernhurst Centre. We’ve always known that Fernhurst is a special village and this is proof that true community spirit exists! Thank you and “wear” your award with pride and our gratitude. Hopefully your door will soon be open again. Elizabeth.

Many congrats for this award. Well deserved. The centre is a haven of welcome to those of us who don't live in the village and its range of activities enviable. Well done to all. Judy Fowler Midhurst District Councillor

Well done to Pauline and her team in being awarded this accolade.Very deserving as it is a really friendly centre and you can't come away without a smile on your face. Its a cheery place where many give their precious time to run this very community spirited hub. The coffee, tea and cakes are delicious if you just want a chat and the courses available are very informative and enjoyable. There is something for everyone. Keep up the good work. Jean Palmer

Congratulations especially to Pauline who is doing a remarkable job at The Fernhurst Centre bringing all the volunteers together.

Amazing news! Well done to one and all, well deserved!

Antonia, Pauline and all volunteers Well done- a great achievement and well deserved. Frances

Fabulous. I’m delighted to hear the good news. No voluntary organisation could be more deserving of recognition and I hope you will soon be able to celebrate in style. Your regulars are all looking forward to the day when they can come in for a good cuppa, sign up for a course and buy yet another scarf!  Hags in the back garden (at a safe distance of course)  is no substitute for the real thing!  Congratulations! Gill T.

There are an awful lot of people who have made a contribution to this Award, but yours alone Pauline has been worth more than everyone else's put together.  The initiatives you have introduced and the drive you have shown throughout have raised The Fernhurst Centre into a beacon of excellence.   You have put Fernhurst on the map and created a place where everyone in the village can feel welcome and comfortable.  Many congratulations, well done and thank you. Jane and Norman

Dear Pauline and All Volunteers, I was delighted to get your email. Congratulations on winning the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. It is well deserved. The Fernhust Centre is a wonderful place, open for long hours and manned completely by volunteers. And these volunteers are alway welcoming and helpful whether it's a delicious hot drink or help with booking an airline ticket. It is a place where local people can feel comfortable, meeting a friend or joining a group to knit and natter, learn a language, dig into their ancestry, or enjoy special coffee and mince pies at Christmas, and SO MUCH MORE. I have also appreciated the lovely calendars over the years. I have kept them all. And the local cards by the Art Group are perfect for any message.
I have watched the Centre go from strength to Strength from when it started, ever evolving to meet the needs of local people. I have seen the groups on Saturday mornings and over the week giving opportunity for companionship for people living alone and helping make Fernhurst the friendly place it is today. There is something for everyone, toddlers like the boxes of toys, school children enjoy playing games on the computers, adults appreciate the special lectures, classes and everthing else.  So thank you for your hard work. Like the swan you make it look easy while working hard behind the scenes. And once again many congratulations and my thanks for all you do. We have really missed you during this enforced Lockdown. I look forward to when we can all be together again in the wonderful Fernhurst Centre. Best wishes from Rosemary Foster.

Congratulations to all the volunteers who make the Fernhurst centre a very valuable part of village life.  You all thoroughly deserve the award,  it's so good that your hard work has been recognised in this way,  well done! Maria H

So thrilled to hear about your well deserved award ..... you are all a real asset to our community with the provision of the centre for us all and the many varied activities you have for us. Well done and keep going ......AND most importantly thank you to all the lovely volunteers and you Pauline. May God richly bless you in your years and ventures ahead. Mary P

What a well-deserved honour!  Congratulations to all those involved, especially to Pauline.  Ralph C

Very many congratulations ! It is so well deserved Jane Stopford

Congratulations to the Trustees and all who work for the Fernhurst Centre especially to Pauline whose life work it has become.  A well deserved award and a fine tribute for all the voluntary work that goes into keeping this institution alive and thriving.  Keep up the good work!    Iain B.

Dear Pauline and all at the Centre - What a wonderful piece of news to cheer us all up !    Magnificently well deserved recognition of all the facilities and friendship the Centre has provided during its 17 years of operation for the community of Fernhurst.   The vicar and PCC of St. Margaret's Church had supported the project with a grant and a loan in 2003 to help its establishment and the Centre's role as a social and technological hub for the village has been developed since then along extremely imaginative and inclusive lines.    Its team of volunteers has always been the cornerstone of the Centre's success and their consistently welcoming and helpful presence seems to symbolise the community spirit in the village.   Indeed the Centre figured largely in the successes achieved by Fernhurst in 2007, when it received the West Sussex Village of the Year award and in 2008 the South England Calor Village of the Year in the Communications category. I look forward to the celebrations  - once again many congratulations on this truly memorable achievement ! All best wishes Mary O

A Fernhurst resident has passed on to me news of the award which is richly deserved. Please pass on my congratulations as a former trustee and hope you will be open again soon to continue such a valuable community service. John Siebert

Congratulations! An award so appropriately given to an amazing team! The Fernhurst Centre is the envy of many villages around. Mavis and Malcolm Sargent

I have been on a number of courses including computer and IT skills over recent years which have been very well organised and informative.  I have recommended others to the centre and they have been most impressed. Your team are very efficient and most welcoming.  Thank you for the hard work you have put in not only for the courses but also for the many other activities you arrange.  It is not only the people living in Fernhurst who have benefitted but also others from further afield.
I would like to extend a HUGE thank you. With best wishes, Frances Oldroyd

Many congratulations on the Fernhurst Centre's very well-deserved Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.  It's an appreciation of all the hard work of the Trustees and Centre volunteers and a highlight for Fernhurst.  Brenda and Michael