Welcome to the Fernhurst Centre
Our walks are part of the National Walking the Way to Health Initiative.

Walking is one of the most accessible pastimes: you can safely walk in the countryside without any specialist clothing or equipment at all, though it's always best to take sensible shoes or boots and warm and waterproof clothing.  The following are suggestions for your own comfort:
Comfortable flat shoes
Walking Boots
Good quality trainers

Waterproof Coat/Jacket
Sun Hat in hot weather

Sweet snack - ie Muesli bar

Walking Pole
Sun Screen
Samll back pack

NB - Sorry - no dogs or children
Walking for Health

The Community Connection

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Walking for Health: Walks are held on a monthly basis (3rd Friday of the month) from the Fernhurst Centre and provide the opportunity to take regular exercise, enjoy the local countryside and meet new people.  They are led by trained volunteers who walk at the front and back of the group so that everyone can go at their own pace.  Designed to improve your health, our walks offer safe and secure environment in which to walk with friendly and welcoming company.  Please ensure that you have suitable clothing and footwear.