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Excel Spreadsheets -  An Introduction: Excel is a huge program which you can use at lots of different levels varying from:- A simple calculator or to add up a few figures •The accounts for a company •Huge scientific or technical equations Large databases •Graphs •etc. Two-hour session at £24. Monday 7 and 14 January 2019 2.30 - 4.30 pm.

An Introduction to using your Android Tablet -  Setting up - connecting to WI Fi and much more besides. Two week course at £24 Wednesday 9 and 16 January 2019 2.30 - 4.30.  NOTE: This is for tablets using the Android system not iPads.

Using your Andriod Smart Phone - all you need to know - Monday 21 and 28 January 2 - 4 pm £24.

Using your iPhone - ensure you get the best from all it offers - Monday 4 and 11 February 2 - 4 pm.

We offer four levels of Spanish Conversation Classes as follows:

Ten 1 hour sessions £80
Absolute Beginners
Commencing Friday 8 February 11.30 am - 12.30 pm
Beginners (with some knowledge of language)
Commencing Friday 8 February 12. 45 - 1.45 pm
Commencing Monday 11 February 12 noon - 1 pm
Commenting Tuesday 12 February 1 - 2 pm

'Recycling - all you ever wanted to know'  Wednesday 23 January 5 - 6.30 pm.

This talk will cover...….
What really can be recycled?
What happens to those plastic items?
How to reduce your consumption of landfill items


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'Caring for loved ones with dementia - a local perspective'  Thursday 14 March at 5pm 6.30pm.

The speaker, Elaine Clements, Operations Manager at the Hunter Centre in Haslemere, has a wealth of experience in the assessment and care of those living with dementia.  This Dementia Friends Information Session will provide helpful guidance and practical suggestions for family and carers.
A very enjoyable morning was had by all the students at our Lace Making Workshop held on  at the end of November 18.
Wellness and Nutrition  Workshops at £5 per workshop
Saturday 12 January 2019
1.30 - 3 pm
Saturday 16 February 2019
1.30 - 3 pm
Friday 25 January 2019
7 - 8.30 pm
Help with improving sleep levels memory and concentration levels.
Rebuilding the microbiome,
establishing habits to improve
digestion and all body functions.
Understanding inflammation and pain, causes and solutions.